"The Miraculous Sofini (and the Misterious Bastonivo)"

"The Miraculous Sofini (and the Misterious Bastonivo). Sofini is an illusionist, the last one on her family. Her dream is to become the best magician in the world. All were fine until one day a tiny being appeared in her hat. Bastonivo says he is an entity from the Fourth Wall World, and he affirms the existence of Sofini is due to him, so he is going to take care of her, to prevent any misfortune happens to her.

However, Bastonivo is clumsy and annoying. He only gets the exasperation of Sofini, who only wants to be left in peace... Until she learns to love her troubling partner due to their adventures together."

This story was imagined briefly when I was sketching for fun. I am thinking if it is a good idea to develop it in short stories. Anyway, I considered it's worthy to design the characters. After all, Bastonivo, besides my artistic name, is a character that has been with me since I was a 10 years old kid.